Organization Chart


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Name Group Email
Christen, Hans Administrative and Management / Director
Sumpter, Bobby Administrative and Management / Deputy Director / Nanomaterials Theory Institute - Group Lead / Functional Polymer and Hybrid Architectures - Theme Lead Sumpter
Zetans, Amanda Administrative and Management / Division Administrative Support Zetans
Haynes, Tony Administrative and Management / User Program Manager
Lowe, Sandy Administrative and Management / User Program Assistant Lowe
Alvarez-Campot, Gonzalo Nanomaterials Theory Institute Alvarez-Campot
Baddorf, Art Scanning Probe Microscopy Baddorf
Balachandran, Janakiraman Nanomaterials Theory Institute Balachandran
Balke, Nina Scanning Probe Microscopy Balke
Belianinov, Alex Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Belianinov
Berlijn, Tom Nanomaterials Theory Institute Berlijn
Beste, Ariana Nanomaterials Theory Institute Beste
Bonnesen, Peter Macromolecular Nanomaterials Bonnesen
Borisevich, Albina Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy Borisevich
Boulesbaa, Abdelaziz Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Boulesbaa
Briggs, Dayrl Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Briggs
Cao, Ye Scanning Probe Microscopy Cao
Carrillo, Jan-Michael Nanomaterials Theory Institute Carillo
Chen, Jihua Macromolecular Nanomaterials / Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy Chen
Chen, Yan Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Chen
Chi, Miaofang Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy Chi
Chyasnavichyus, Marius Scanning Probe Microscopy Chyasnavichyus
Clayton, Kara Operations Support / Finance Clayton
Coffey, Dorothy Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy Coffey
Collier, Pat Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Collier
Collins, Liam Scanning Probe Microscopy Collins
Come, Jeremy Scanning Probe Microscopy Come
Cullen, David Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy Cullen
Doak, Peter Nanomaterials Theory Institute Doak
Doktycz, Mitchel Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Doktycz
Durand, Corentin P. Scanning Probe Microscopy Durand
Dyck, Ondrej Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy Dyck
Fowlkes, Jason Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Fowlkes
Fuentes-Cabrera, Miguel Nanomaterials Theory Institute Fuentes-Cabrera
Gai, Zheng Scanning Probe Microscopy Gai
Ganesh, Panchapakesan  Nanomaterials Theory Institute Ganesh
Geohegan, Dave Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials / Group Lead Geohegan
Goins, Lisa Administrative and Management / Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Goins
Goswami, Monojoy Nanomaterials Theory Institute Goswami
Guo, Wei Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy Guo
Harman, Kevin Operations Support Harman
Hensley, Dale Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Hensley
Hickner, Mike Macromolecular Nanomaterials / Group Lead Hickner
Hollenbeck, Scott Operations Support / Operations Manager Hollenbeck
Hong, Kunlun Macromolecular Nanomaterials Hong
Huang, Jinsong Nanomaterials Theory Institute Huang
Hus, Saban Scanning Probe Microscopy Hus
Iberi, Vighter Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Iberi
Idrobo, Juan Carlos Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy Idrobo
Ievlev, Anton Scanning Probe Microscopy Ievlev
Ivanov, Ilia Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials / Scanning Probe Microscopy Ivanov
Jacobs, Christopher Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Jacobs
Jakowski, Jacek Nanomaterials Theory Institute Jakowski
Jeon, Seokmin Scanning Probe Microscopy Jeon
Jesse, Stephen Scanning Probe Microscopy Jesse
Joy, David Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Joy
Kalinin, Sergei Scanning Probe Microscopy / Electronic and Ionic Functionality on the Nanoscale - Theme Lead Kalinin
Kent, Paul Nanomaterials Theory Institute Kent
Keum, Jong Functional Hybrid Nanostructures Keum
Kravchenko, Ivan Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Kravchenko
Krogel, Jaron Nanomaterials Theory Institute Krogel
Kumar, Rajeev Nanomaterials Theory Institute Kumar
Laanait, Nouamane Scanning Probe Microscopy Laanait
Lavrik, Nick Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Lavrik
Lee, Liz Administrative and Management / Scanning Probe Microscopy / Operations Lee
Leonard, Donovan Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy Leonard
Lester, Kevin Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Lester
Li, An-Ping Scanning Probe Microscopy Li
Li, Qian Scanning Probe Microscopy Li
Li, Xufan Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Li
Liang, Liangbo Nanomaterials Theory Institue Liang
Lin, Ming-Wei Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Lin
Liu, Fangjie Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Liu
Liu, Zhiqi Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Liu
Lohman, Erica Administrative and Management / Nanomaterials Theory Institute / Macromolecular Nanomaterials Lohman
Lokitz, Brad Macromolecular Nanomaterials / User Program Staff Lokitz
Ma, Cheng Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy Ma
Ma, Chuanxu Scanning Probe Microscopy Ma
Mahalik, Jyoti Nanomaterials Theory Institute Mahalik
Mahjouri-Samani, Masoud Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Mahjouri-Samani
Maier, Thomas Nanomaterials Theory Institute Maier
Maksymovych, Petro Scanning Probe Microscopy Maksymovych
Mazumder, Baishakhi Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy Mazumder
Mishra, Vivek Nanomaterials Theory Institute Mishra
More, Karren Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy / Group Lead More
Nocera, Alberto Nanomaterials Theory Institute Nocera
Ovchinnikova, Olga Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Ovchinnikova
Overbury, Steve Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Overbury
Pandian, Amaresh Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Pandian
Park, Changwon Nanomaterials Theory Institute Park
Park, Jewook Scanning Probe Microscopy Park
Pawel, Michelle Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Pawel
Peng, Rui Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Peng
Poplawsky, Jonathan Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy Poplawsky
Puretzky, Alex Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Puretzky
Rack, Philip Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Rack
Reeves, Kimberly Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy Reeves
Retterer, Scott Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Retterer
Rondinone, Adam Nanofabrication Research Laboratory / Outreach Coordinator Rondinone
Rouleau, Chris Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Rouleau
Scull, Joshua Operations Support / HR Manager Scull
Simpson, Mike Nanofabrication Research Laboratory - Group Lead / Collective Phenomena in Nanophases - Theme Lead Simpson
Sneed, Brian Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy Sneed
Somnath, Suhas Scanning Probe Microscopy Somnath
Song, Yang Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Song
Srijanto, Bernadeta Nanofabrication Research Laboratory Srijanto
Summers, Michael Nanomaterials Theory Institute Summers
Taylor, Jason Operations Support Taylor
Tselev, Alexander Scanning Probe Microscopy Tselev
Uhrig, David Macromolecular Nanomaterials Uhrig
Unocic, Ray Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy Unocic
Vasudevan, Rama  Scanning Probe Microscopy Vasudevan
Wang, Hui Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Wang
Wang, Jun  Scanning Probe Microscopy Wang
Wang, Kai Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Wang
Wang, Yangyang Macromolecular Nanomaterials Wang
Whitaker, Tracy Administrative and Management / Functional Hybrid Nanostructures / Electron & Atom Probe Microscopy Whitaker
Wu, Zili Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Wu
Xiao, Kai Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Xiao
Xie, Yu Nanomaterials Theory Institute Xie
Xu, Yuewen Macromolecular Nanomaterials Xu
Yang, Bin Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Yang
Yang, Sangmo  Scanning Probe Microscopy Yang
Yoon, Mina Nanomaterials Theory Institute Yoon
Zhang, Honghai Macromolecular Nanomaterials Zhang
Zhu, Jiahua Functional Hybrid Nanomaterials Zhu
Ziatdinov, Maxim Scanning Probe Microscopy Ziatdinov