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Welcome to the User Group

The formation of User Group was initiated in 2005 when the CNMS management started to identify several users as the Charter Members of the Users Executive Committee (UEC). These Charter Members were responsible for preparing the charter of the User Group, and coordinating the election of the first UEC. Four Charter Members were appointed in 2006 including Haiping Cheng (University of Florida), S. Michael Kilbey, II (Acting Chair; Clemson University), and Yoke Khin Yap (Michigan Technological University). Under the leadership of Michael Kilbey and Tony E. Haynes (CNMS User Program Manager), a proposed Charter was prepared by the Charter Members. The purpose of this Charter was to establish the initial bylaws, structure and procedures for User Group.

The User Group was officially founded on September 7, 2007 when its Charter was unanimously approved by the voting users. According to the Charter, all lead principal investigators on approved CNMS user projects and all badged CNMS users become User Group members for three years from the initiation of their CNMS project. The stated purpose of the User Group is:

“to provide a formal and direct channel for the exchange of information and advice between the management of the CNMS and the investigators who perform experimental and computational nanoscience-focused research at the CNMS. The User Group will also serve as an advocacy group for the experimental and computational nanoscience-focused research activities at the CNMS.”

The User Executive Committee is an elected body of members that conducts the regular business of the User Group. The UEC is expected to make recommendations to CNMS management on matters affecting the user community and to participate in planning the annual user meeting. Users are encouraged to contact any member of the UEC listed below to make suggestions for enhancing the benefits the research community receives from CNMS.

CNMS 2016 User Executive Committee
(term of service ends in December of the indicated year)

Chair, by succession from Vice-Chair: Marian (Molly) Kennedy (Clemson U.) - 2016

Vice-Chair: Lane Martin (U. California, Berkeley) - 2016

Secretary: Yang Zhang (U. Illinois) - 2017

At-Large Members:

  Alex Belianinov (CNMS, ORNL) - 2017

  Kathrin Dörr (Institute for Physics, MLU Halle-Wittenberg) - 2017

  Eric Formo (U. Georgia) - 2016

  Enrique Gomez (Pennsylvania State U.) - 2016

  Megan Robertson (U. Houston) - 2016

  Evgheni Strelcov (NIST) - 2017

  Rafael Verduzco (Rice U.) - 2016

Past Chair, ex officio member:Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb (Georgia Tech)




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